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When you’re looking to sell something you need to not only get people to really see what it can do but you need to make sure you get their attention as well. Marketing ideas that seem strange can actually be the perfect thing for your product and can bring the most people to your store […]

We really wanted to find something that we were sure you’d really enjoy so we started searching for funny commercials on video. What we discovered was that beer commercials can actually be very funny and even more so when you share them with others. So here are three of the top videos we found of […]

Creating commercials that make people laugh is one of the most important things that any company can do. They make people happy and they are definitely memorable. That’s exactly what these Pepsi commercials were created to do, enhance creativity and make people laugh. Additionally, they are great examples of creativity and resourceful marketing that may […]

Starting a new business is easy, in fact it is fun and rewarding, but building and promoting the same business successfully can be a real pain particularly if you make certain mistakes. Building a business well and promoting a product or services effectively has several benefits. To get a successful trading experience here are mistakes […]

It is not easy to develop and maintain effective presence in the business environment without recourse to a vibrant and lively corporate hospitality culture. Your business reputation and eventual success depends on it. You can only build a strong client base and maintain customer loyalty by creating scope for various networking opportunities and giving out […]

Though they’ve been around for nearly 20 years, QR codes are still a fairly new innovation for the consumer world. Originally invented in 1994 by a Japanese automobile company to be used to store data to be used within the company, they are beginning to become a more common sight for many people, much like […]

Any business must continuously seek future clients and this entails a lot of promotional activities. Being a vital aspect of the corporate environment, it is important that enough attention is paid to corporate promotion by planning and setting realistic goals to be achieved within a specific time frame. The world is currently over-connected, so to […]

With some of the most profitable times of the year coming during holiday seasons, it’s no surprise many businesses begin looking into what the most effective forms of advertising and marketing are. Without a doubt, many will agree that promotional products are one of those options. While it is almost always an effective form of […]

Selecting the right products to help promote your business, whether your business is new or old, isn’t always an easy task. There are always a variety of factors to consider before making your decision. Sometimes acting hastily and not taking everything into consideration (which goes for every decision, not just choosing the correct items) can […]

How do you reach 20 million consumers without paying for TV time? Well, Levi’s actually did it successfully with a guerrilla marketing campaign where they had some 75 single women race towards a pile of men’s jeans, snag a pair, and search among 75 shirtless single men who fit the jeans they grabbed. Media covered […]

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