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Innovation and Humor Together: 3 Funny Pepsi Commercials

Creating commercials that make people laugh is one of the most important things that any company can do. They make people happy and they are definitely memorable. That’s exactly what these Pepsi commercials were created to do, enhance creativity and make people laugh. Additionally, they are great examples of creativity and resourceful marketing that may give you new ideas for your own business marketing initiatives.


1) Funny Pepsi Commercial 1: “In Your Head”

Ever wonder why monks behave the way they do? Well this is a cute and funny interpretation of just that. In fact you’ll find yourself laughing as you watch this interesting short story of perseverance and focus. As you will soon realize, it´s all in your head.


2) Funny Pepsi Commercial 2: “The Mixer”.

Pepsi isn’t quite like a fine wine but it definitely is something that tastes good. Sometimes, there are certain things that you shoulnd´t be soing while handling a Pepsi, as this amusing video from a man who’s just looking to fulfill a little daydream will show you … everything can go a little wrong if you are not mindful about what you are doing. Watch for yourself here.


3) Funny Pepsi Commercial 3: “The Godmother”.

What’s your favorite drink between Coke and Pepsi? This little girl has some very strong opinions on the matter and she just isn’t going to take anything less (does she remind you of someone?). You’ll be amused for sure as you watch this one (and perhaps remember a classic movie along the way):


We hope you enjoyed these commercials as much as we did. If you have a favorite, then be sure to share it with friends via Facebook or Twitter and let them know about this article so they can laugh a little as well.




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