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BIC Lighters

Meet Aus/NZ Stds

Meet Aus/NZ Stds

Meet Aus/NZ Stds

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BIC Lighters Because They Are The Best

Transforming the name of your business into a well known brand in your area of influence is a process that requires potential customers to see your brand often. Lighters are used on a regular basis and not only by smokers. We only sell BIC lighters because they are the best. The brand is known worldwide and is associated with safety and quality.

Among a large variety of alternatives available today promotional printed lighters have proven to be a valuable branding tool that consumers appreciate receiving. Many people carry lighters around routinely, either because they are smokers or because they have occasional need to start a fire at kitchens, barbeques or campsites. Lighters are much more convenient than matches and they are cost-effective promotional products that can help businesses gain recognition by adding the company logo and contact details on such as inexpensive wholesale lighters.

BIC lighters are a common promotional product given away at pubs that often include clever messages and colorful patterns. An intelligently designed lighter encourages people to carry it around and show it to friends making it a convenient marketing tool that can have a positive impact on your branding strategy.

As authorized supplier of BIC lighters we are in a position to help you with your marketing ideas. Call or email us.

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