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3 Hilarious Beer Commercials Your Friends Will Love

We really wanted to find something that we were sure you’d really enjoy so we started searching for funny commercials on video. What we discovered was that beer commercials can actually be very funny and even more so when you share them with others. So here are three of the top videos we found of beer commercials in different parts of the world. We hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.


1) Hahn: “Get Wet!”

Sexy, sultry women seem to be almost a staple in any beer commercial and usually they’re the ones with the beer to their lips enticing others to try it too. But that’s not the case with this commercial since the sexy, sultry woman isn’t going to get the beer at all. Check it out for yourself right here:


2) Heineken: “Walk in Closet”

A walk in closet full of clothes and shoes is something that practically every girl always dreams of and being able to show it off to their friends is definitely the best part. But what do guys dream of? Well a walk in beer cooler might play a small role in the next video …


3) Top 5 Funny Beer Commercials

Looking for a whole bunch of funny commercials about beer? Well this website has plenty of different choices that you’ll definitely be laughing at. Everything from dogs to women and everything in between is in one of these commercials about all different types of beer. Check it out for yourself here:


Did you have a different commercial that was your favorite? Maybe you really liked one of these? Well, let us know with a comment or even better, let all your friends know by posting to your favorite social media site.


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