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A-5 Size
Nylon & Microfibre
Coloured Trim

A-4 Size
Nylon & Microfibre
Coloured Trim

A-4 Size Koskin

A-4 Size
Nylon & Microfibre
Zippered With Ring Binder

A-4 Size
Nylon W Contrast Panel

A-4 Size
Nylon & PU

A-4 Size Microfibre
Zippered With Organizer
Removeable 3 Ring Binder

A-4 Size
Bonded Leather

A-4 Size Soft PVC
Zippered W Grey Trim
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Compendiums and Their Uses

Among the wide range of promotional products and corporate gifts available in the market today, branded compendiums have proven to be a moderately priced gift idea that is highly valued by employees and potential customers. Leather compendiums are popular as corporate gifts for valued executives or special clients and leather look PVC is commonly used for conference giveaways. Koskin, which is a heavy fabric similar to what is used in suitcases, is also popular
Promotional compendiums or presentation folders are commonly used as conference giveaways and it is not uncommon for each delegate to get their own at different events; because of this, it is very important to take the time to find an intelligently designed style that will stand out from the rest and continue to be used. Although people might get more than one compendium along with other conference items, they usually will keep using the one that makes their lives easier and looks the best. Additionally, business people often like to show off printed compendiums that include the name of the exotic location in which they were handed out, making them a great conversation starter at any office. This has the added bonus of showcasing your brand in real life business scenarios.
Besides helping employees and potential customers to make their lives easier and staying organized, branded compendiums often help them establish a professional look at work; something that is appreciated in the business world today.
At Dingo promotions, we are ready to use our years of experience to help you find the right promotional products. Australia is a competitive market that we know well, give us a call and we will help you find the right promotional business products at a great price.


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