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Direct Marketing Merchandise: Tips to help you Float an Effective Direct Marketing Campaign

Direct marketing, according to Direct Marketing Success – an Australian Marketing services provider – isn’t just about packing attractive flyers, brochures, and other marketing merchandise and shooting them off to a random group of potential customers. It depends on a sound strategy and what Direct Marketing Success calls “The ladder of loyalty”.

Strategy is at the core of every successful marketing campaign. The campaigns, however, can never be successful without choosing and deploying the right kind of promotional merchandise. At the root of these profit-pulling campaigns is the art of choosing just the right kind of items. The better your tools are, the better your results will be. Here’s how to clamp down on the best direct marketing merchandise your dollar can buy:

It is not just about flyers, envelopes, and brochures sent in an email

Direct marketing is one of the oldest forms of promotion there is. Over time, when the print and publishing was at its prime, paper (especially the glossy kind) was the foot soldier in the direct marketing industry. Today, there’s more to it than just paper. Companies and marketers deploy all sorts of promotional and advertising materials today. An understanding of this fact and an open mind is absolutely necessary to embrace new ways of marketing to consumers.

Are you up to it? Have professionals design your merchandise

If you have a set of items earmarked to be a part of your direct marketing campaign, you’ll arrive at the next part of the challenge: flawless, effective, and affordable design. Be it promotional bags, compendiums, or office stationery, professionals abound on the Internet (and off it) who can design your direct promotional merchandise to make your campaign as effective as it should be.

Place a bulk order; Get some made-to-order designs

Of course, you’d want to save money on your campaign if you could. Who wouldn’t want to? The classic way of saving money on material orders is to order in bulk. Look for vendors who allow you to buy large quantities to save some money on the order. Also, it helps if you request the same item in bulk instead of picking up an assortment of products. Professional direct marketing material vendors also have in-house teams of designers and artists who can slap the best design your money can buy along with your order. Usually, the cost of getting designs done through a supplier is much lower than what it would cost you to hire designers separately.

In spite of the table-turning effects the Internet has had on marketing as a function, direct marketing remains a stable, effective way to get your message across to customers.


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