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Picking Unique Corporate Gifts: How To Master The Art Of Giving Away in Style

A thick blanket of a recession, the ever-present attrition, the vacillating employee morale, and fickle-minded customers are all reasons why businesses in Australia struggle to keep teams together. One of the recent trends has been to pamper employees (and customers in some cases) by giving away unique corporate gifts. Picking up corporate gifts isn’t as easy as grabbing things off a shelf and shipping them away. Armed with some basic insights and with some help from experts, however; it’s possible to master the art of corporate gifting. Here are some tips for you to master the art of giving away presents in style:

Understand the recipients of your corporate gifts

You have potential buyers queuing up to your event – be it an exhibition or a conference – and you wish to give away parting gifts or maybe It’s Christmas, and you thought that distributing gifts to your employees would be a fabulous idea. You’d not be able to pull it off without knowing who your recipients are: who are your customers? What is their lifestyle like? What percentage of your customers are women and men respectively? (Follow the same line of questioning for your employees). Knowing who you are going to buy presents for makes your gifts that much more unique, special, and thoughtful.

Due diligence: Research does it all

Most people just don’t put in the hard work needed for finding unique gifts. When you search hard enough, the fruitful results are imminent. It’s amazing as to how much information is up on the Internet to help you get things started. Alternatively, talking to corporate gifting experts, corporate gift consultants, and even the good old method of talking to friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family is a good starting point for your research on picking up unique gifts for corporate giveaways.

Observe other corporate events where unique gifts are given away

What’s always been a great way to learn? Observation, of course! If you are running short of ideas to make your corporate gifts unique, tasteful, and creative; one of the best ways to get inspired is to see what some companies do to distribute corporate gifts to their recipients. What are the kinds of gifts they select? What do they do to make these gifts special? Do they custom design corporate gifts themselves or do they hire someone else to do it for them? A lot depends on presentation, doesn’t it? How do they present their gifts? Attending a few business events, conferences, exhibitions, or requesting your friends to show you gifts they received from their respective companies is a good idea.

Custom gifts often make for unique corporate gifts

Intent is more powerful than the gift, they say. How about focusing on the intent and producing unique corporate gifts custom made for your recipients? Most people think that gifts have to be purchased off the shelves and distributed. A few, however; do know that gifts can be customized to any degree.  We, at Dingo Promotions, can help you customize, design, rearrange, and embellish your choice of corporate gifts to accentuate the beauty of these items and make them more unique than you would have ever thought possible.


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