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Personalized Business Gifts: 4 Things to Remember Before Sending Them Out

Corporate gifting is an integral part of running a business – it’s all about building rapport, relationships, and the strength of your corporate network, isn’t it? Gifts play an important role in each of the requirements mentioned above. According to the Imagination Branding Blog, taking the time to think of unique, personalized business gifts helps you to “make an impression” rather quickly. Apart from that, it’s also  “…an ideal way to say thanks to your stake holders such as valuable employees, business clients, associates, suppliers, and shareholders”. It isn’t, however; as easy as walking down a super-mart aisle.

Here are things you should remember before sending out personalized business gifts:

Ordinary won’t work; aim for the original and bold

Ever heard of the word ‘mediocrity’? It’s the curse most of the world has learnt to live with. The only way to excite your recipients — when thinking of personalizing your business gifts — is to think on the lines of “originality; if not bold”. Your competition is certainly not the place to look for ideas; instead look for inspiration in places where you have no business. Often, great ideas sprout up from unlikely places not related to your business at all. The key is to keep your eyes and mind open, absorb things, and finally implement these ideas.

Often, the unthinkable is the right choice

When Fedex decided to ship packages worldwide overnight, the idea was thought impossible. Starbucks took the idea of a sip of coffee and turned it around into an alternative that fits comfortably between your home and office (with coffee thrown in). Apple gave feathers to a computer and apple products sell at a premium due to perceived value apple products have in the mind of its customers. All successful brands experimented and turned ‘unthinkable’ into brands to die for. Personalizing corporate gifts should be easier, don’t you think?

Your original idea should be supported

Great ideas often die due to lack of support. By support, we mean forming teams, pooling resources together, getting the results you want, and finally making your personalized business gifts truly memorable for the final recipients.  Germinate the idea, find the resources needed to execute your idea, and finally, place some sort of feedback mechanism to sense the pulse of the recipients of your personalized business gifts. You do want to know what they think about your gifts, don’t you?

Your personalized business gift vendors should be reliable

Your star employees, clients — or whoever you want to send unique business gifts to – might not expect you to gift them at all. When you send out great, memorable, one-of-a-kind, personalized business gifts you do set expectations, don’t you? Once expectations are set, there goes in the effort to meet these expectations. For that reason alone, you’ll need reliable vendors to work on your corporate gift ideas. Take your time to find reliable corporate gift suppliers. Ideally, you’ll benefit even more if you have vendors who can do everything from helping you choose awesome corporate gifting ideas and then work on them.

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