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How to Maximize Your Efforts while Marketing with Promotional Items

Corporate gifts, giving things away for free, sending out promotional material, and marketing with little promotional items are all great ways to market your business. Since it can be quite an investment, you’d want to make the most out of your spending while dealing with promotional materials. Here are ways to maximize your efforts when marketing your business with promotional items:

Distribute promotional items only if they make sense

Not all business models need promotional merchandise for marketing. If it’s a B2B business, you must take care not to overdo this method of marketing. You’d do better with a classy way of merchandise marketing such as corporate gifting but even that should be approached with caution. B2C businesses, on the other hand, would be great for such forms of marketing. Hence, it’s important to gauge from your customers’ point of view and then decide if you even want to do it in the first place.

Send one; send more than once

Sending out promotional items is just like placing a full-cover advertisement in a magazine or a full-page ad in a newspaper; only, it’s better. Your customers would unpack them, hold them, and use them even. Unfortunately, however, customers have very short attention spans along with the fact that they are bombarded with plenty of messages everyday.

You’ve got to stand out. How? You need to send your promotional items more often, again and again. That way, there’s brand recognition. Just don’t overdo it. Figuring out just the right number of times to send promotional merchandise like promotional bags, stationery, and other such items helps you create the right relationship with your clients.

Enhance brand recall

Sending out promotional items helps you do one thing well with your customers: enhance brand recall. When you distribute little, inexpensive, and highly relevant items like pretty promotional bags for ladies, wallets for gents, toys for kids, etc., you help customers remember your brand. When you keep sending or distributing such items, your customers will love you for it. Love is a great emotion and it helps your brand stick. All you have to do is to send relevant items, and send them frequently enough to make an impact.

Connect with your customers

Promotional items such as bags have precious real estate on the sides, for instance. Don’t leave these spaces blank. Go ahead and use great, persuasive copy that connects with your customers using natural emotional triggers such as fear, the need to feel special, etc. Without this connect, they would never establish trust with you, which in turn would rarely cause a sale to happen.



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