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How to Make Your Prospects Call You (Instead of the Other Way Around)

For a marketer or a business owner, customers calling in are a dream come true. Literally, nothing can sound and feel better than the thought of prospects calling you up inquiring, asking for orders, etc. It takes a tremendous amount of effort – and smart marketing – to get there. It feels even better to make this happen without spending millions of dollars on expensive marketing methods when you can achieve that for a fraction of the cost.  Here’s how you can make them call you:

Ask your prospects to call, connect or email you

It’s strikingly simple and obvious but it’s interesting to see how so many businesses spending thousands of dollars on marketing just overlook this little strategy. Whatever marketing method you choose to tap into, make sure that you have a call-for-action – have your prospects do something like call you up, email you, connect with you on your Facebook Fan Page, follow you on Twitter, complete a survey, or buy something.

Use powerful copy

Use the best copy you possibly can on all of your outgoing promotional items, promotional products, corporate gifts, marketing material, web pages, blogs, etc. The kind of copy that connects with the audience emotionally, directly addressing their pain, fear, or problems – all of which need to be solved. Quit using boring corporate lingo and pour in some character. Adopt a unique voice for your business that you can communicate to your prospects through this copy.

If you have to make an offer, make it irresistible

Every business makes offers of one kind or the other. The trouble is that while most businesses or small business owners think that they are making a great offer, they really aren’t. You will know a great deal when you see one, don’t you? Most deals offered are mere discounts or meaningless freebies. Go one step ahead. Give away something more relevant to your prospects. Focus on the utilitarian value of the offer and not just the monetary discounts.

Use Gamification & reward their responses

Do you know why games are exciting? Because user behavior while playing games is always rewarded. You score points, advance to further levels, win levels, defeat opponents, earn badges, etc. You also get the usual exhilaration of playing the game. Gamification – the science of bringing in principles of gaming into other areas – is a little known secret that you can use for your business. How, you ask? Reward your prospects when they call you. Enter them into a sweepstake or a lucky draw, reward your 100th inbound caller or 500th caller, and so on.


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