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12 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts that Will Make You More Productive

When you run your own company the old cliche that time is money really does seem to be true. You need to find ways to make your company work better, faster and harder without spending money and every second can make a difference. So how do you create a more productive business? There are many ways to do it, and sharing these keyboard shortcuts with your team can be a step in the right direction.

1. Ctrl + Claptop and keyboard shortcuts for firefox - shot 1 200 by 300
Possibly one of the easiest and most commonly used shortcuts, this key combination will copy any selected text or image.

2. Ctrl +V
Yet another easy and commonly used code. This key combination will allow you to paste previously selected text or images.

3. Ctrl + Z
If you make a mistake, you can easily undo it by using this combination.

4. Ctrl + F
If you’re looking for something in particular use the Ctrl + F function to find it. You’ll get a search bar that lets you look for a set of letters or phrases within a page.

5. Ctrl + K
If you want a search bar that will search the web for you then you can type in Ctrl + K and get exactly that.

6. Ctrl + T
To open up a new web page you may want to use this combination. You will be able to open a new Firefox tab without replacing the page you’re already on.

7. Ctrl + Shift + Page Up
If you have more than one tab open you can use this combination to move over to the page on the left of the one you are looking at.

8. Ctrl + Shift + Page Down
If you have more than one tab open you can use this combination to move over to the page on the right of the one you are looking at.

9. Ctrl + H
To look at your search or web page history you can use this combination to bring up a list of your last pages.

10. Ctrl + D
If you want to save a page to find easily later you can bookmark the page.

11. Alt + ? +Backspace
To go back to the previous webpage, this is the easiest way without searching for buttons.

12. Alt + Home
If you want to go back to your home page it will be easy for you to do so with these keys.

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If you have any other shortcuts that work well for you then feel free to post them on your favorite social media site along with this article. Lets spread the word and make the word more productive!





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