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Increase the Team Spirit in Your Business Using Lanyards – Australia Specific Marketing Ideas

Motivating people is not an exact science, there are hundreds of theories and methods that have been tested over time and there are still many more to try. This short article will talk about using lanyards, Australia business trends and motivating people to make them feel part of a team by using promotional products without spending too much money along the way.


Where do lanyards come from anyway?

If you have a curious mind, you might have wo1ndered at some point in life about the origin of lanyards and how they made their way into the business world.

It all started a long time ago in the military, when soldiers used cords to hold items such as knives or whistles that were used often during various kinds of activities. Over time these pieces of cord evolved into colourful elements of the military 1uniform, and later on they found their way into the corporate offices and businesses around the country.


Most Common Uses of Lanyards, Australia Specific Trends.

In the modern business environment, custom printed lanyards are commonly used in corporate headquarters and factories to hold various types of identification passes and security badges. Most companies use lanyards as a simple way to visually identify visitors and generally ask employees to wear their lanyards and security badges at all times. Customising lanyards that showcase the logo of local sports teams is a popular trend that allows for a personalized approach while still following company policies.


How to Increase the Team Spirit in Your Business even with a Tight Budget?

Besides being a cost-effective solution to display security badges at work and hold various commonly used items such as USB flash drives, pens or keys; companies often give away thoughtfully designed lanyards to encourage employees to feel part of a team and make them feel they belong to a special group.

Small businesses may also benefit by giving away printed lanyards to employees. Besides being a cost-effective alternative to make everyone feel as part of the same team, in certain contexts (in stores or boutiques for example) using colourful lanyards makes it easier for customers to identify employees to whom they can ask for help.


At the end of the day, finding low-cost solutions to raise the spirit of your coworkers or employees can have a high return on investment if done correctly. One popular alternative to consider in these kinds of projects are lanyards. Australia is a place where feeling as part of the team is highly appreciated and can have an important impact on the productivity of employees, so take the time to find the right type of lanyards and get everyone on board.

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