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Intriguing TED Talks About Creativity that will Make You Think Differently


Are you looking to find out some more information about all different dreamers and thinkers around the world? Do you want to learn more about everything from science and art to business and global issues? You’ll be able to learn plenty of new information about anything and everything with our favorite TED talks right here.


Lisa Bu: How Books Can Open Your Mind

Lisa Bu has her own approach to making dreams come true. For many people it starts with hard work and determination. For Lisa, it all starts with a book. This TED talk is all about using books to create new plans and lives for yourself. Listen and dream:


Martin Villeneuve: How I made an Impossible Film

Villeneuve is a filmmaker from Canada who wanted to make a sci-fi movie but simply didn’t have the money to do it. So did he give up? No he didn’t. In fact he managed to surpass expectations by creating his highly original and amazing movie by using barely any money at all.


Catarina Mota: Play with Smart Materials

Have you been looking around for some interesting new products? Well Catarina Mota was doing just that when she came across a window that turns to opaque with just a flipped switch and ink that can transmit electricity. This video will definitely amaze you with all the information about strange products that are shaping our world:


Karen Thompson Walker: What Fear Can Teach Us

Have you ever been afraid? Everyone has, but what you do when you’re in a frightening situation is what matters. Karen explores the way that people react to fear in order to change the future by looking at the story of The Essex, a whaleship lost in the Pacific. Find out more about the story she has to tell here:


Julie Burstein: 4 Lessons in Creativity

A radio host by nature, Julie Burstein spends her time interviewing a host of different people. In this video she seeks to share the lessons she’s learned from those interviews with you and everyone else around the world. By learning from the most creative people of our age, you too can learn some great secrets that will help you to be more creative yourself:


Eddie Obeng: Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World

Eddie is a business educator who believes that there are a few important qualities that will enable business owners to become more productive. It will take more than just creativity to get that business moving. It will also take something Obeng calls “smart failure.” Learn from him in this video:


John Maeda: How Art, Technology and Design Inform Creative Leaders

The president of Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda has spent his entire life studying creative leaders and their work. Throughout this video you’ll learn more about that work in a fun and intriguing way.


There is plenty to learn from these amazing scholars of art, culture and business. You should have learned a lot of interesting information from these videos and definitely enjoyed them  as well.

If you did, please tell your Facebook friends about it and let us know which is your favorite using the comments section available at the end of this page.



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