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Enjoying Australian Football

Most everyone has probably heard of football, though your personal interpretation of it all depends on where you’re from. What’s known as American football and football (also known as soccer) to most of the rest of the world varies quite a bit. Of course Australian Rules football is an entirely different sport altogether. The sport is considered by many Australians to be the national past time of Australia. Though the sport is generally only played in Australia, which is where its primary audience is as well, its popularity is constantly growing and a few other countries have picked up AFL leagues of their own.

While the actual origin of Australian football is still a little hazy, the sport started to become an organized sport in 1858 and became official in 1859, when the Melbourne Football Club finalized the game’s rules. By 1896 the first league was established, forming from eight clubs. It became known as the Victorian Football League, also known as the VFL. The VFL then changed to the AFL, or what is now known as the Australian Football League.

When it comes to actually playing the game, the simple explanation and description can be that of a cross between American football (the NFL) and association football (also known as soccer.) There is also a link somewhere to Gaelic football from Ireland. For starters, the game is played with an oval shaped ball (much like an American football) on an oval shaped field and up to 18 players from each team are allowed on the field at any given time. The game consists of four quarters, each of 20 minutes.

The game begins when one of the umpires either bounces or tosses the ball into the air and two designated players fight for possession of the ball. That’s where all the fun begins. The players then move the ball up and down the field by kicking, punching, or open hand slapping it. You’re not allowed throw the ball at any time. You can run with the ball but you must either bounce or touch the ball to the ground every 15 meters. Goals, worth a varying amount of points depending on the circumstances in which they were made, are made by sending the ball through a number of goal posts on either side of the field, with each side being defended by each team.

Though the rules do vary from American football and a traditional game of soccer, that doesn’t mean that Australian football, is any less exciting. Much like the American version, Australian football is full contact and allows players to tackle and full-body block other players. As odd as it may sound, because the players aren’t wearing any kind of protective gear, the sport can often be more intense and exciting than other versions of the sport. The fact of the matter is, however, that if you ever find yourself with the chance to attend or participate in a game of Australian football, you should absolutely give it a go!.

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