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Creative Minds at Work: 3 Great Coca-Cola Commercials


Ever wonder about all those Coca-Cola commercials and how they manage to create emotional connections with the audience? We did. So we looked around and here are three of the best ones we could find.


Coca-Cola Security Cameras

The first commercial we found shows that Coca-Cola definitely likes to think outside the box when it comes to catching people doing good things. There are some good people in the world and even though security cameras were put in to catch the bad ones, you never know what you might find. So take a look and see:


Coca-Cola-Pickup Girl (Taiwan)

An ad for Coca-Cola that features in Taiwan is one you may never had seen before. Wondering how to pick up a girl? Well this guy did it pretty well without even hardly talking to this young lady. Check it out for yourself:


Coca-Cola Commercial at Copa America (Bolivia)

And finally our last ad from yet another country around the world is definitely an interesting one. This commercial from Bolivia shows just how badly someone could want just a little bit of Coca-Cola (and how it could save your life):


Sometimes it’s interesting what a group of advertisers can come up with that really does seem to get the job done, doesn’t it? What´s your favorite commercial? Please let us know in the comments section and share this article with your friends on Facebook so they can enjoy these ads as well. 



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