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5 Inspiring TED Talks about Entrepreneurship worth Sharing

Are you an entrepreneur? Or maybe you’re planning to be? Well if you are, then these interesting TED talks will definitely be good for you. They are full of information for men, women and businesspeople of all types. You’ll learn some pretty interesting things from world leading experts in a few minutes.


1) Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women Entrepreneurs, Example not Exception:

Women have not always been part of the entrepreneurial workforce, but times are changing and women are becoming just active leaders more and more often. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discusses the ways that women are creating their own major companies and struggling for economic assistance here:


2) Gary Vaynerchuk, Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape:

The new world is all about social media and it’s important that any businessperson takes the initiative to get moving on these. This talk by Gary Vaynerchuk discusses social media and how it can be hugely beneficial for building personal brands for entrepreneurs:


3) Cameron Herold: Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs:

Children actually show signs of future greatness as well as future problems from a very early age. The interesting thing is that some of those traits you may think of as showing problems could actually be signs that your child is going to be an entrepreneur. At least that’s what Cameron Herold has to say here (really interesting):


4) Seth Priebatsch: Building the Game Layer on Top of the World:

Living in the real world and attracting business traditionally is no longer the only way to go. The social world and a new world that Seth Priebatsch refers to as the ‘game layer’ are also starting to become more important. Check it out for yourself right here:


5) Jessica Jackley: Poverty, Money – and Love:

There’s plenty of ways that you can help people who are living in poverty. Jessica Jackley has a strong opinion on ways to help those people and what they really need from you and everyone around you:


There are all kinds of things that you, as an entrepreneur should know and do. These are just a few but they’re definitely a great start. Please share these great talks with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, they will appreciate knowing about this article.




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