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3 Slow Carb Diet Breakfast Ideas for Active Individuals

Are you on the slow carb diet? Well if you are, then no doubt you’re looking for some meal ideas that are going to benefit your diet and not mess it up. If you’re not, then you’re probably wondering what the slow carb diet is. This diet is a way to lose approximately 20 pounds of fat in only 30 days by optimizing your exercise, diet and supplement routine which all sounds pretty good right? Here are some breakfast ideas that will help you get started:


1) Tim Ferriss, 4 Hour Body Slow Carb Breakfast

This dish is actually a ‘beefed up’ version of one in Ferriss’ book called The Four Hour Body. Here it’s shown to you by an experienced chef who is looking to check out some ways to help others get healthier with an amazing breakfast dish that also has very little, easy cleanup. Check it out right here:


2) 30 Grams Protein 4-Hour Body Breakfast Smoothie

Looking for something quick and easy to make and eat on the go? Well then a breakfast smoothie is about as easy as it gets. This one uses a lot of great ingredients and is being advocated by someone looking to get high amounts of protein quickly and easily right here:


3) Slow Carb Breakfast – A Quick & Easy Recipe for You!This breakfast has very few ingredients and you can make it right in your microwave. That means you’ll have your breakfast quickly and with hardly any cleanup or anything. You’ll definitely like it and you won’t have to put much work into it either. Check it out for yourself here:


The slow carb diet is getting to be more and more popular with many people, so definitely try these recipes out for yourself and make sure that you share them with your friends too. We’d love for you to share this article on social media and we’re sure your friends will appreciate it. Also, please share your thoughts about this diet in the comments section available below these lines.



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