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3 Great Apple Commercials that Changed the World


Marketing is a complex subject, but come companies make it look simple and manage to inspire us with their campaigns. Today we will take a quick look at 3 Apple Commercials worth watching.


 1- 1984

The first video we will review is the famous “1984” commercial aired only once, during the superbowl of that year. This commercial is considered by many as the best commercial of all time. The commercial references George Orwell’s novel (which has the same name as the commercial) and depicts a somber future where humanity´s creativity has succumbed to the domination of the elites. Why don´t you take a look at it and see what happens…


2- Think Different

This is one of those commercials that will be remembered for decades. Although it matches the philosophy of the brand perfectly, and thousands of consumers loved it, according to many experts, the commercial (it depicts many iconic geniuses of the 20th century) was for Apple´s employees. Back in 1997, after Steve Jobs had come back to the company, this commercial reminded Apple´s team they were part of something big, of something that could change the world. It´s time for you to see with your own eyes, what do you think of it? Hit play…


 3- Mac vs PC

The last commercial of today is part of the campaign commonly known as “Mac vs PC”. It shows metaphors of the quality, user friendliness and “coolness” of Macs when compared to PC´s in a, let’s say, imaginative way. It is a brilliant example of marketing and positive brand associations. Here it is:


 So, which one is your favorite? What did you like about it in particular? Do you have a Mac or a PC? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section available at the end of this page. Also, if you liked this article, share it with your friends using the social buttons available below these lines. Thanks!



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