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3 Camping Gadgets that Came from the Future

Going camping is definitely a fun and interesting pastime. Hundreds and even thousands of people enjoy going out camping every weekend all over the world. But having the right tools and gadgets is definitely important for everyone who decides to try this out. So what are the three best gadgets from the future for camping?


1) Wrap Stove:

This stove is actually incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is wrap the sleeve around your pots and pans and set the temperature. It will heat your food up quickly without the hassle of having to start a fire. It’s also simple to roll up and carry with you anytime you travel.

Photo via Yanko Design


2) BioLite Stove:

Yes this is another stove but it’s also an electricity source. It burns scraps of wood that will give off heat and allow you to cook your food. It also provides electricity from that heat so you can power your favorite electronic gadgets even if there’s no traditional power sources where you’re camping. This is particularly helpful for people who love technology and need to keep their gadgets alive while camping (although, camping is a great opportunity to reduce the digital overload for a few days).


Photo via: Bio Lite Stove



3) Portable Backyard Shower:

If you’re like a lot of people then you know that some campgrounds don’t have showers or don’t have great showers. With this portable shower you have an electrical pump and 12 gallons of water in one easy to carry box. This is also a great gadget for surfers and people who love beach days.


Photo via Yanko Design


Got a favorite futuristic camping gadget? Don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always interested to learn more about anything that works for you. Also, if you liked these amazing gadgets, please share the article with your friends on Facebook or Twitter so they know about them as well.



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